The Faculty of Economic Sciences in Cluj-Napoca was established 20 years ago and it is part of the “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University in Bucharest, accredited and evaluated with a high level of trust (see the evaluation certificate) by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, this being the highest rating that a Romanian university can receive.

Our faculty’s mission is to offer training, education and research at a high quality standard, in order to train specialists with a higher education degree in the in the fields of business administration, finance, banking and accounting, specialists that are able to work in national and multinational companies  or to develop their own businesses.




The 7 fundamental values that underlie the performance of private education:

  1. We promote an education focused on the development of the student’s ability and personality;

  2. Our faculty is the place where each student is the main actor of the academic community, actively participating in the promotion of the academic values which are respected by making the students responsible and by encouraging a positive behaviour, and not by constraint;

  3. We offer a solid academic preparation which combines the national curriculum with the international one, used by the most prestigious universities in the fields of economical sciences.

  4. The education process takes place in a modern headquarters, built in accordance with the European standards, under the guidance of highly competent professors having a rich teaching and practical experience.

  5. All the disciplines of study are based on multimedia materials, modern techniques being used in the teaching process for data and information communication.

  6. Our university is directing its main efforts towards the following objectives:

    • to teach students how to learn;

    • to teach students how to do;

    • to teach students how to live in society;

    • to teach students how to be.

  7. The care for our students is obvious in the practice of small groups with a reduced number of students, which allows the professor to acquaint every student and to give special attention to the personal development of each one of them;



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